Pravin DP

Pravin P.

Pravin is an IT project damager.. I mean manager turned into photographer. He is a camera, tea and motorcycle lover.  That sums up Pravin.

He always wanted to shoot people with guns when he was a child. He fulfilled his dream of shooting people but thankfully, he chose camera over guns.

He purchased his first film camera in 2000 and never stopped shooting since then.  He printed countless film rolls for next few years and still has the printed copies of those pics.

In 2004 he got his first digital camera (he still has it). He started liking it so much that he kept looking for excuses to go out and shoot.

His love for the camera and hate for his IT job were directly proportional. Finally in 2012 he decided to focus on photography and quit his high paying IT job.

He started with wedding photography and founded, Scarlet Weddings with two of his equally frustrated IT friends and photographers.  He has been shooting weddings & maternity since then.

His personal favorite genre is travel photography. He has travelled extensively in various countries like USA, Canada, Indonesia,  Switzerland and India.  He just loves to travel and shoot on his motorcycle.

Lighthouse is a brainchild of Pravin. After his successful stint at photography, he decided that it is time to give back to the photographer fraternity. The purpose of ‘Lighthouse Photography’ is to guide the newbies & amateurs in the right direction in their photography journey.

There will be a free and paid courses that will help the upcoming photographers in the right direction.


Hope you will enjoy being the part of Lighthouse Photography Club 😊